How do you use 3vise?

Step 1:
Identify your corrupt files

Gather the mp3 files in Serato that are labeled with a lightning bolt, but that still load and play audio OK, and put them in their own crate so we can keep track of this subset of music throughout the 3vise process. Analyze this crate before proceeding with repair.

Step 2:
Run a regular Scan and Repair

Drag and drop the corrupted mp3s onto the 3vise app interface. It’s recommended that you enable the option to backup the corrupted songs in case you want to rollback after the repair process is complete. Do not select Scrub Metadata option just yet! Click Scan and Repair to begin the 3vise process.

Step 3:
Analyze the corrupted song crate in Serato

Go back to your Serato crate and highlight the corrupted tracks, and drag them on to Analyze again. The mp3s that 3vise labeled as “Successfully Repaired” should no longer have the lightning bolt next to them! There will likely still be some files that continue to to be labeled as corrupt – this is normal! Clear the file list in 3vise, select the files that remained corrupt in Serato and drag them onto 3vise again.

Step 4:
Enable 'Scrub Metadata' and Repeat the Process

IMPORTANT: 3vise’s Scrub Metadata option removes ID3 tags that are stored inside the files. Serato can identify files as corrupt for a number of reasons, and sometimes it is related to mismatched ID3 data that Serato itself created. It is important to note that in the 3vise Settings page, you have the option of which data the Scrub process targets. When this switch is turned to Serato, it will remove Serato ID3 data. When the switch is turned to All, it will remove all ID3 data except for Title, Artist, Album, and Comment. Find out more about how exactly 3vise works.

Step 5:
Analyze... Again! Then Scrub "All"

Back in Serato, analyze the the corrupted tracks once more. 3vise will have stripped the tags off of every song in the list, and you will notice many more files that were corrupt after the first Scan and Repair process are now fixed! For any files that remain corrupt, you can run them through another Scrub Metadata process, this time targeting All metadata in 3vise Settings. Go through the same process one more time…

Step 6:
Check for Updates

After running your corrupt files through 3vise Scan and Repair process with varying degrees of intensity, you should end up with most if not all of your corrupt files fully fixed. But there are some cases where songs will continue to be marked as corrupt, even after the 3vise Scan and Repair process. These songs are truly corrupt in ways that 3vise cannot account for… yet! We will be issuing updates to 3vise in order to add new ways to identify and fix files with corrupted containers or metadata but that still have intact audio streams, leading to a better library for DJs everywhere, and a peace of mind that you are performing with the best possible tools at your disposal!

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