Repair your
corrupted mp3s
in one click

Requires macOS 10.12 or newer

Repair corrupt mp3s in Serato DJ library

Finally fix your corrupt files in Serato

New features in 3vise 2.0

4x Faster Processing

Optimized with drastically improved performance

Right-Click Finder Integration

Use the contextual menu in Finder to add songs for repair

In-App License Management

Monitor and remove machines from using your 3vise license key

New App Interface

Completely redesigned to display repair metrics

New Preferences Window

Updated layout to make settings easy to understand

Dark Mode Support

Designed to work with macOS Dark Mode

3vise was designed with DJs in mind

Batch Processing

Scan and Repair hundreds of files in each session.

Scrub Metadata

Remove the metadata created by Serato in an optional process.

Backup Originals

Choose to keep the original broken files, for peace of mind.

Custom Destination

Repair songs directly where they exist, as to not disturb Serato.

Drag & Drop

Easily add mp3s to the list directly from Finder, Serato, or iTunes

Unlimited Processing

Scan and repair as many mp3 files as you want to.

How the repair process works

Scan and Repair

3vise employs a command-line process called MP3val to repair the data surrounding the audio stream contained in the mp3 file. Learn more.

Scrub Metadata

Beyond repairing the mp3 container, 3vise gives you the option to remove the ID3 data in varying degrees. Clean out Serato metadata that could be causing issues, or remove All metadata to truly reset a track.

Read our Step by Step Instructions for a detailed rundown on how to get best results when using 3vise.